This is just a short excerpt for the about page.

I started this blog, so I could share some of my nutso personal life. It’s kind of a collection of everything I’ve been through slash thought about starting last year (err, September 2016).

I was determined to get past a struggle period in my life (and love life kind of), so I’m glad I documented my ups and downs along the way. I write about my disastrous love life, trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle, my friends, my family, my personal issues, my dog, and finding personal happiness.

I have a very quirky, laid back, and slightly obsessive┬ápersonality. Like many people though, I’m not perfect.. and I don’t try to be. I’m not trying to tell you what to do, and I definitely don’t 100% know what I’m talking about. I’m pretty fudged up, but I aim to entertain.

Right now, I’m still exporting a bunch of pre-written material from last year, but if you like reading romantic dramedy-like blogs written with a bit of dry humor to it.. this is for you. Hopefully, I can make you smile, cry, laugh, think.. whatever. I might even make you angry.

As long as you get something out of this.

(You can read my first post here: Moving Back Home)

Thanks for reading,